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Boy George: The Man Behind The Persona

Boy George has been in the public eye for some of his personal life exploits nearly as much as for his music. While a great deal of media coverage has been focused on Boy George's public persona, very little is actually known about the man himself, George O'Dowd. Boy George published two autobiographies, which gave more insight into the private life of the star than had ever been possible before.

In his first autobiography, the 1995 book "Take It Like A Man", Boy George discussed his personal life including his homosexuality and his struggles with drug addiction. His romantic relationship with Culture Club member Jon Moss is also discussed in detail, and it was revealed that many Culture Club songs penned by Boy George were actually about Jon Moss.

In his second autobiography, the 2005 release "Straight", Boy George again discussed his sexuality, drug issues, his relationships, and his music. In the years following the book's release, Boy George was quoted as saying that he regretted writing the book because of some hurtful things said about people in his life.

While Boy George is certainly no stranger to controversy and drama, he has in recent years made an effort to stay out of the public eye to the degree that he is able to do so. He has had some legal troubles involving drugs which were resolved fairly quickly and with minimal jail and community service time. However, he recently served some time in jail stemming from a conviction for falsely imprisoning a male escort. While the details which have leaked to the media are not known to be fact, Boy George has remained silent on the matter following his release from jail in 2009.

Love him or hate him, Boy George is an intriguing figure. While his recent life is somewhat cloaked in mystery, the public is still fascinated by him. It is not known if Boy George will ever make music again, but it is quite certain that there are countless fans hoping for just that.


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