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His Songs: The Songs That Made Boy George A Star

Boy George has been active in so many different types of music that it would be difficult to call any specific songs "quintessential Boy George". However, there are some songs from each era of his career which he is best known for, beginning with the most famous of all: Culture Club.

Culture Club's "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me" was a surprise when it was released. The sound was one which was mellow, progressive, and pop all at once. Most of all, this song stood out as the one which really introduced Boy George to the world. No one had ever seen or heard anything quite like this, and the sound remains unique to this day.

"Karma Chameleon" was another standout Culture Club song, and with its upbeat and quirky pop fusion sound, it was an immediate hit. In the early days of MTV, this was a song that captured the imagination of a whole generation of early 80s youth. In rapid succession, "Miss Me Blind", "It's A Miracle", and "Church Of The Poison Mind", all from the same album, became radio and MTV hits as well.

When Boy George started his solo career, he also began what would be one of many changes in musical style. One of his standout solo hits was "The Crying Game". With its poignant sound and strong and deep vocals, this song provided a major boost to not only Boy George's then flagging career, but also to the movie of the same title.

Boy George had some very unique songs during his stint with Jesus Loves You such as "Bow Down Mister". This song was inspired by his time in India and his interest in the Hare Krishna movement. The song's mix of dance electronica and Indian rythms connected with British audiences and made the song into a hit, but it didn't find American success.

In recent years, Boy George has been best known as a DJ, and his unique brand of dance music has been very much sought after in Europe. Some of his most popular mixes have occasionally made it into album release, but he is largely out of the public eye today and is not actively pursuing a music career at this time.


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