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About Temporary Car Insurance

No matter where you will be driving, (particularly if you have a luxury car like a Mercedes S Class!) you must have car insurance. Driving without insurance is illegal and can result in heavy fines and possibly even the loss of your license. However, if you will only be using the vehicle for a short period of time, purchasing long term insurance can be unnecessarily expensive. Temporary car insurance can be financially beneficial for those who plan to use a vehicle for 6 months or less .For a quote for UK temporary car insurance try this site or here

Temporary car insurance works by covering you temporarily while you drive a vehicle. Cover can last anywhere from one day up to six months depending on your specific needs. The cover period can begin immediately or on a pre-determined date. This type of car insurance typically includes uninsured or underinsured motorist cover, liability insurance, and may even include medical payments for passengers or roadside service. Most companies that offer temporary car insurance charge a flat rate, which is typically cheaper than the cost of long term insurance. You can cancel temporary car insurance by issuing a written request for cancellation.

In order to acquire a temporary insurance policy, you can apply either in an office or online. There are several websites currently available that can offer you a quote for temporary insurance from several different companies based on a convenient questionnaire. Once you find the best policy for you, simply apply in the company's office or on their website.

There are a variety of reasons to get temporary car insurance. If you are planning to rent a car on vacation, for example, you may want to purchase temporary car insurance to protect yourself in the event of an accident. If you are lending your car to a friend or out-of-town guest, you will also need to purchase this type of cover. In addition, you can use temporary insurance when you purchase a new vehicle so that you can drive the vehicle while you search for the best long term policy. In most of these cases, it is much cheaper to simply purchase temporary insurance than to buy long term cover and cancel it later.

Temporary car insurance is extremely convenient. If you are loaning your car out temporarily, it can be extremely difficult and anxiety-provoking to try to add an additional driver to your long term policy. Not only that, but if there is some sort of problem when the extra driver has your vehicle, it can affect your long term cover rates and benefits. With temporary cover, however, your long term cover will remain the same in the event of an accident. If you are traveling, temporary insurance on a rental is much cheaper and easier than attempting to bring your own vehicle, especially if the destination is far from your home. If you are purchasing a new vehicle and you buy long term insurance immediately, you may end up with a policy in which you are paying more than you need to. However, if you purchase temporary insurance, you can legally drive your new car while you search for the best long term policy.


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